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Is it legal to use GPL themes or GPL plugins from

Do you want to run your website under a GPL license but are confused if it is legal to use GPL themes or plugins? Some people say GPL is safe and secure and recommend you to use it while some talk about its safety risk.

In this guide, I’ll tell you about GPL themes or plugins that are legal to use.

GPL is the most used free software license that allows the software to be freely used.  If you are thinking of running your website under a GPL license but are confused about whether or not it’s legal to use GPL themes or plugins for free.

There are many websites that work under GPL licenses like Avada, Flatsome, WordPress, and many more, so it is totally legal to use GPL themes.

Is GPL themes or plugins safe to use

Yes, GPL themes or plugins are completely safe, but you need to download such themes or plugins from trusted sites because there are a lot of platforms that sell their cracked themes or plugins under the name of a GPL license. These sites steal your personal information and they don’t have anything to do with GPL.

Here is some trouble that is possible with GPL themes and plugins:

Nulled and Cracked GPL themes

Security and Privacy risk

Virus and Malware

GPL themes or plugins are 100% safe and the same as you purchased from the creators until it’s not modified. After modification, you can get confused because you could only know that when you have the license agreement from the creator.

GPL license ensures that the creator releases every license code related to the software originally so that every software that works under GPL is exactly like the original. Since all the software is original but there is a difference that you won’t get any support from the creator if you are using GPL.

Remember that you can modify it according to your license agreement.

What are the safe and secure sources for GPL themes or plugins

If you’re looking for the best WordPress GPL website which is trustworthy, safe, and secure then I recommend you to use GPLpilot.

This website has been offering GPL themes and plugins for over 5 years. With this website, you don’t need to worry about any kind of safety risk. Most of the users use this website and they are completely satisfied. The themes or plugins have the original version.

Here is something that you should use on this website so you can get rid of safety risks.

Wide range of GPL products.

100% safe and original products.

4.8 Rating on Trust pilot.

Is it legal to sell plugins and themes purchased from Third-party developers under GPL?

Yes, it is legal to sell plugins and themes purchased from Third-party developers under GPL, you can download the themes from

You can even resell your plugins. Since GPL themes and plugins are associated with the same license so they can be edited and resold by anyone.


Are GPL themes safe?

Yes, GPL themes are totally safe and secure. GPL themes give you lots of freedom with any patent that is owned by contributors of software. But you can’t change the license code you got as GPL. You can only modify the software.

Is there any website to download safe and free GPL themes and plugins

If you are developing any article website or something else, never download free themes from anywhere on the internet. You should visit the GPL website, it is 100% secure and safe. Price can be a little higher, depending on your themes and plugins but you won’t face any issues further.

Which are the best GPL websites?

There are some websites on GPL which provide you with better themes and plugins which are safe and secure.

Which are the best free GPL themes?

There are many themes that are very good and free.













Fresh & clean

What are the best free WordPress themes?

OceanWP is one of the most famous free WordPress themes. It provides you with 15 free fully responsive themes for all kinds of websites. Here you also get free extensions to expand the functions of the theme with a featured slider, social media icons, and a customer sidebar. This theme works even on personal blogs to eCommerce sites.

Is WordPress Pro free?

The WordPress Pro software is free, it’s related to Word so it is free in both senses. You can download a copy of WordPress for free, and you can run it as you wish. WordPress software runs under GPL which means it is not only free to download but to edit, customize, and use freely.

Is WordPress plugins contain viruses?

Every software has viruses, malware, and malicious code. It seldom have virus issues in well WordPress community.

How does WordPress detect malware?

WordPress detects malware in 4 steps:

Install the WordDefence Security plugin for free.

Back up your WordPress site.

Run a scan and delete malware files.

Do steps to secure your site fully.

Summing up:

Thus you can see GPL themes or plugins are safe, there is no trouble with the use of GPL. Any software that works under GPL doesn’t matter how good it is, must be released as open-source components with all the source code. You only need to search and use GPL trustworthy and good sources that have a high reputation in the market. The site I have mentioned above, GPLpilot provides you full support by chance if you face any issue, the helpline is open 24/7 hour so you can contact them anytime.

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