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Newspaper WordPress Theme Free Download

Newspaper WordPress Theme free download with membership, Newspaper allows you to write and publish content on your website. It is especially useful for building personal blogs, content publishing website. This theme is widely used for creating online magazines and even newspapers. Niche-based information websites are advised to use this theme for building beautiful and interactive websites for their visitors.

Newspaper WordPress theme is extensively used for media-related projects. Information is considered to be the greatest game changer nowadays and if you can present your visitors with the most accurate news and at exactly the right time then that’s it. You do well in the market. Keeping that in mind, this theme allows you to build awesome looking News based websites which catch the attention of the reader. Nobody wants to read form a dull looking page no matter how great the content is. You do need to present your content awesomely and that is where Newspaper WordPress theme comes into play.

Newspaper WordPress theme is a fully responsive multipurpose theme which allows you to customize your website with live preview. You can see the changes that you make to the page at once which allow you to change things that don’t sit well with the content. This theme is very lightweight and extremely easy to integrate. It is SEO optimized for best performance.

                               Newspaper WordPress theme is not just for news-related projects. You can build so much more with it. Here is a list of WebPages that you can build with it


  • Magazines
  • Newspapers, News Portals
  • Personal Portfolio
  • Photography website
  • Lifestyle
  • Blogs
  • Content Publishing
  • Traveling based website EX Traveling Blogs
  • Form small-scale stores to large scale businesses
  • WooCommerce Stores
  • Wedding Websites
  • Restaurants Booking
  • Colleges and universities

See, the possibilities are endless. You can literally create anything you want. Every online marketer needs to express his values in the most sophisticated and appealing way to attract more potential customers. With this theme, you can come up with all kinds of creative ways to impress your prospective customers. Newspaper WordPress theme is SEO friendly and totally customizable. You have total control over virtually every element of your website.

User reviews have declared it to be the fastest Newspaper based theme. Latest coding technologies have been used for building this theme. The images and content loading speed is optimal which makes your website load much faster. All the scripts used to build this theme are profiled and consistently modified to provide you with the best possible loading speed. Newspaper WordPress theme is the fastest, simplest and the easiest to use WordPress newspaper theme.

Newspaper WordPress Theme Features:

  • Allows you to build newspaper and information based websites
  • You can also build A personal blogs, business portfolios and other online marketing platforms with it
  • It is easy to integrate and works on almost every WP Plugin
  • SEO optimized
  • The coding scripts are all up-to-date and modified to give the best loading speed
  • Gives you total control over the appearance of the page

Light-weight and user-friendly interface

Newspaper WordPress Theme Free Download With Membership

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Product Details

Developer NameThemeforest
Live link
Released DateAugust 20, 2023
Licence TypeGPL
Product Type Version Last Update Download
Newspapertheme9.0.12018-08-24Request Now
Newspaper Wordpress Theme 9.1theme9.12018-11-06Request Now
Newspaper Wordpress Themetheme9.2.22019-01-21Request Now
Newspaper Wordpress Theme WCtheme9.52019-02-15Request Now
Newspaper Wordpress Theme WCtheme9.62019-03-24Request Now
Newspaper Wordpress Theme WCtheme9.7.22019-05-12Request Now
Newspaper Wordpress Theme WCtheme9.7.32019-06-13Request Now
Newspaper Wordpress Theme WCtheme10.12019-11-25Request Now
Newspaper Wordpress Theme WCtheme10.32020-02-09Request Now
Newspaper Wordpress Theme WCtheme10.3.12020-03-22Request Now
Newspaper Wordpress Theme WCtheme10.3.22020-04-01Request Now
Newspaper Wordpress Theme WCtheme10.3.42020-05-21Request Now
Newspaper Installation filetheme10.3.52020-06-21Request Now
Newspaper Installation filetheme10.3.6.12020-08-11Request Now
Newspaper Installation filetheme10.3.82020-11-24Request Now
Newspaper Installation filetheme10.3.92020-12-08Request Now
Newspaper Installation filetheme10.3.9.12020-12-12Request Now
Newspaper Installation filetheme10.42021-03-30Request Now
Newspaper Installation filetheme11.02021-06-22Request Now
Newspaper Installation filetheme11.12021-07-23Request Now
Newspaper Installation filetheme11.22021-08-01Request Now
Newspaper Installation filetheme11.32021-10-12Request Now
Newspaper Installation filetheme11.3.12021-10-24Request Now
Newspaper Installation filetheme11.3.22021-11-20Request Now
Newspaper Installation filetheme11.42021-12-23Request Now
Newspaper Installation filetheme11.4.12022-02-07Request Now
Newspaper Installation filetheme11.4.22022-03-10Request Now
Newspaper Installation filetheme11.5.12022-09-13Request Now
Newspaper Installation filetheme122022-10-14Request Now
Newspaper Installation filetheme12.1.12022-11-23Request Now
Newspaper Installation filetheme12.22023-01-15Request Now
Newspaper Installation filetheme12.4 2023-06-14Request Now
Newspaper Installation filetheme12.52023-07-28Request Now
Newspaper Installation filetheme12.5.12023-08-13Request Now
Newspaper Installation filetheme12.62023-09-23Request Now
Newspaper Installation filetheme12.6.22023-11-13Request Now
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