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Cart Notices for WooCommerce helps you easily and effectively increase sales and customer satisfaction by displaying dynamic, actionable messages to your customers as they check out.

Cart Notices for WooCommerce leverage proven tactics to increase conversions so that you earn more from customers you already have, and let them know of sales and promotions to improve the shopping experience.

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Product Details

Version 1.15.1
Developer NameWoocommerce
Live link
Released DateAugust 20, 2023
Licence TypeGPL
Product Type Version Last Update Download
WooCommerce Cart Noticesplugin1.8.32018-05-30Request Now
Cart Notices for WooCommerceplugin1.8.52018-10-25Request Now
Cart Notices for WooCommerceplugin1.8.62019-01-05Request Now
Cart Notices for WooCommerceplugin1.9.02019-02-10Request Now
Cart Notices for WooCommerceplugin1.9.12019-04-12Request Now
Cart Notices for WooCommerceplugin1.10.02019-08-11Request Now
Cart Notices for WooCommerceplugin1.11.02019-10-23Request Now
Cart Notices for WooCommerceplugin1.11.12020-01-07Request Now
Cart Notices for WooCommerceplugin1.11.22020-03-06Request Now
Cart Notices for WooCommerceplugin1.11.32020-04-20Request Now
Cart Notices for WooCommerceplugin1.12.02020-08-18Request Now
Cart Notices for WooCommerceplugin1.12.12020-09-30Request Now
Cart Notices for WooCommerceplugin1.12.22020-10-20Request Now
Cart Notices for WooCommerceplugin1.13.12021-03-19Request Now
Cart Notices for WooCommerceplugin1.13.22021-04-10Request Now
Cart Notices for WooCommerceplugin1.14.02022-11-23Request Now
Cart Notices for WooCommerceplugin1.15.02023-07-05Request Now
Cart Notices for WooCommerceplugin1.15.12023-11-18Request Now
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